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Gutter Repair and Replacement

With St. Paul Siding, you will not only get a professionally installed gutter system that protects your home and yard, but you will get a custom-color ed gutter system that beautifies your home. We offer traditional corrugated metal gutter systems, as well as decorative copper, Galvalume and decorative aluminum. We offer a wide selection of colors and styles to choose from to accommodate any home, large or small.

Our installation crew takes the guess work out of the gutter system installation process to find an appropriate system to meet your home’s needs by offering a wide variety in both 5″ and 6″ gutter sizes. We pride ourselves on using the most up-to-date and efficient gutter supplies from top industry brands.

Leaf Free Gutter Systems = Hassle Free

Over time, gutters can get clogged with leaves and other debris, causing rainwater to back up and create serious damage to your home’s roof or even its interior. Climbing up on your roof periodically to scrape leaves and other rubbish out of the gutter is no fun and could be dangerous for a nonprofessional. St. Paul Siding can make your gutters completely leaf free with our LeaFree gutter protection systems. Our systems are proven effective against leaves, pine needles, sticks and hold up well to our tough Minnesota winters. Having leaf-free gutters will be a big cost-efficient relief.



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